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These 4 Fashion Trends in 2022 Guarantee Amazing Style

Now that the season’s international fashion shows have come and gone, the newest fads for 2022 are emerging. From “hyggelig” oversized sweaters in Copenhagen to fringe flourishes in New York, there are countless references to what remain classic silhouettes.

While the oversized sweaters on the runway may seem new, they are but an exaggeration of the classic sweater we all know and love. And the fringe dresses in New York harken back to beloved party dresses of yesteryear decked out with an overabundance of sewing trim. These passing fancies may be fun, but they won’t be the best investment you can make for your wardrobe this year.

Designers love to dazzle us with their runway creations and it is spectacular to watch. But for the average woman, investing several hundred dollars in sweaters with knee-length sleeves or dresses with 10 layers of fringe just isn’t practical. So what is the best way to navigate current styles without breaking the bank?

By relying on the most enduring of the 2022 trends, you can be both trendy and wise. We recommend these 4 as the best wardrobe investments:

· Playful Classic. By playing with wardrobe basics in your own unique way, you can not only participate in this year’s trends but any trend you like for years to come. Start with a great-fitting pair of jeans, a cozy sweater, and add accents that express your unique style. This is a trend that shows your personality without looking like you’re a part of every passing fad.

· Color! Every international runway featured multitudes of color in every manifestation. From multicolor ombré skirts to colorful sweaters, hues from subtle to loud are in. Pick the one you feel best in and wear it with confidence.

· Basics with a Twist. As we all know, a basic wardrobe consists of evergreen garments like black trousers and good quality t-shirts. But this year, look for black trousers with ankle pleats or a t-shirt with sleeve details. You’ll look on-trend every year and not just this one.

· The Beloved Maxidress. This trend is one everyone can embrace. The maxidress has an easy and comfortable style that can be dressed up or down. Pair it with sandals and a jean jacket for a backyard barbecue, or throw on some heels and sparkly earrings for a night out.

Trends presented at fashion shows are meant to inspire you. The key is taking notice of details rather than embracing a look full-on. Pair your amazing jeans with a fringed evening bag. Wear an oversized sweater with tapered black pants. Don an ombre sun hat and metallic sandals with your maxidress. The key to fashion is building on basics that stand the test of time and make you look put together no matter the accents.

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