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How To Buy The Best Jeans You'll Ever Wear

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Great jeans fit your unique shape so well that you don’t ever want them to wear out. As we say goodbye to a pair of well-made, well-worn friends, it can be a bit daunting. How will we ever find another pair that fit so well and gave us such confidence?

Jeans are an important staple in our modern wardrobe. Not only are they great for everyday wear, but they can be easily dressed up with a pair of heels and a bit of jewelry.

But finding that elusive perfect pair of jeans is harder than it sounds. You’ll spend a few Saturdays trying on brands that your friends recommend or that look fantastic on someone else, without getting the same payoff.

It can be even more difficult if you shop online. The biggest websites seem to have the least informative size charts. This has resulted in thousands of returned jeans and a frustrating shopping experience.

What Are the Best Jeans for You?

As subjective as the fit is, the correct answer here is the jeans that make you feel amazing are your best jeans. Whether you’re an hourglass shape or have a more rectangular silhouette, there are well-made jeans out there that will make you feel fabulously confident every time you wear them.

The trick is knowing what features to prioritize when you’re searching for new jeans.

Features of Great Jeans

When buying jeans, women can prioritize the following 4 features above famous brands or designers to get the look and feel they are going for:

· Fit

· Comfort

· Flattering Cut

· Value

Let’s break down why these are the most important features.

- Fit. When it really comes down to it, we all feel this is our number one priority. If jeans gap at the waist, crotch, or bottom you won’t look or feel your best. If they fit at the waist but cut into your hips when you sit down, you won’t wear them. Fit is the most essential.

- Comfort. Some people love a stiffer denim, because it holds its shape better than a stretchy pair of jeans. Others like the stretchy jeans, because they find a stiff denim more constricting. The important thing is that you find the material that is the most comfortable for you and your lifestyle.

- Flattering Cut. There are many details that can go into ensuring a flattering cut. Pocket placement can give a lifted and rounded appearance to the bum. The shape of the back rise can create a flattering, slightly “cheeky” fit. The height and proportion of the waistband can accentuate the waist. Good designers will thoughtfully consider fit, comfort, shape, and proportion in their first pattern draft and perfect it before finalizing a product.

- Value. This doesn’t mean a low price. What it does mean is high quality for the price. If you want the best jeans that are well-designed in good quality material, you won’t find it on the sale rack. We recommend looking for quality that matches the price tag.

An Example of Great Jeans - Made in Canada

Purest Form, a Toronto-based clothing company run by talented designer Tanya Ruddy, offers wonderful jeans with our 4 important features. Ruddy created two well-designed models aimed at two customer types.

The Juliette Jeans are flexible with great stretch. They fit like a glove from the first time you slip them on and become more comfortable with time.

The Parker Jeans are made from heavier, polished denim that looks crisp and stylish and mold to your shape over time.

To shop Purest Form jeans made in Canada, click here. We think they’re some of the best jeans made in Canada. And we’re sure you’ll agree!

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