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How to Style Sweaters and Lounge Wear for Effortless Influence

Millions of people found themselves working from home in 2020 and had no doubt purchased a comfy wardrobe for daily Zoom meetings. Well, now that we’re venturing out again, we’re all wondering how we can keep wearing our comfortable work-from-home wardrobe and still look casually put together.

It’s not surprising that we’ve all become accustomed to feeling comfortable daily when our options for work clothes have been soft, stretchy pants and cozy sweaters. The key to turning your at-home wardrobe into a public one is to embrace a trend we like to call elevated loungewear.

Elevated loungewear is the latest spin-off of the Zoom meeting work culture. We aren’t ready to abandon the ease of loungewear so readily. So influencers and Instagram icons have shown us how to make these clothes work for brunch dates and shopping excursions.

Here are a few tips you can use to master the art of elevated loungewear:

• Add a chic jacket to your joggers or lounge pants for instant style.

• Pair a luxurious sweater with your lounge pants. Wear the sweater with a French tuck for effortless on-trend style by tucking only a small portion of the front hem into the waistband.

• Give your sweater instant polish by teaming it up with an updated mini skirt for a preppier look.

• Pair your lounge pants with a flowy top and sneakers for a carefree daytime look.

• Don’t forget your beloved sweatshirts! They look instantly respectable, partnered with well-fitting jeans and ankle boots.

The secret to sneaking your loungewear out into the world and looking chic at the same time is to make sure everything fits well and is in good shape. Wearing loungewear with stains, holes, or pilling won’t look good no matter how you accessorize it.

Wearing your loungewear at home means coffee spills and more wear and tear on waistbands and hems. Try putting a few outfits together before your next venture in public and switching out either the sweatshirt or lounge pants. Trade the lounge pants for jeans or add a cute jacket. Once you’ve got the right combinations, be sure to scrutinize your clothing and take care of any open seams or stains.

A few more ways to look casually put together in your comfy clothing:

• Accessorize well. Elevate your loose-fitting lounge pants by adding combat boots and oversized sunglasses. Bring some glam to your sweater with a funky scarf.

• Add heels. A soft wrap sweater and immaculate jeans will look amazing with the right pair of heels and take you from day date to evening date.

• Keep it monochrome. Not only will you look slimmer and taller in one all-over color scheme, but it also looks effortlessly chic.

• Add a great coat. There’s no faster way to pull a look together than a fantastic coat with exciting details.

There are so many ways to embrace the elevated loungewear trend, and the secret to doing it with success begins with clothes that are brilliantly designed, as Toronto’s own Purest Form illustrates in their latest collection. By adding just a few of these stylish pieces to your current loungewear collection, you’ll be casually put together for any occasion.

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