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The Secret to Looking Effortlessly Elegant Every Day

Everyone wants an effortless style. The goal is to throw on a few pieces in the morning that make us look like we hired a stylist. But alas, not all of us have achieved this fashion nirvana.

We see them every day as we walk down the street. Women who look effortlessly pulled together. No matter if it's 8 a.m. and they're exiting Starbucks, or it's 10 p.m., and they're leaving a restaurant, they seem to have mastered casual elegance.

But don't be intimidated or feel as if you can never achieve the same level of chic. These ladies weren't born with a natural ability to look elegant. They learned it. They have a few tricks up their sleeves that you can use too.

Looking effortlessly elegant begins with being organized and knowing what you have. Let's begin with your closet:

· Assess. - Begin with sorting through your wardrobe. Is your closet filled with trendy items of cheap material? Weed them out. Nothing projects unsophisticated like poorly made pieces.

· Take Inventory. – Once you've donated the unwanted items, take stock of the remaining items. You will need an essential wardrobe of quality pieces in coordinating colors: a great jacket, a flowy dress, a jumpsuit, well-fitting pants, comfortable jeans, and a crisp blouse. Think timeless classics that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

· Focus on Quality. – Even the simplest blouse looks sophisticated when it is well-crafted of quality material. Assess your basics and replace anything that is not made from high-quality fabric.

· Fit is Everything. – When your clothes fit you well, your silhouette is lovely, and you look and feel your best. Try on your basic pieces and replace anything too loose, too tight, or too restricting when you move.

· Coordination. - Make sure all your pieces can be mixed and matched in endless combinations. If you still have pieces that don't go with anything else in your closet, move it to the back or donate it.

One final closet tip: Move all your better pieces front and center. If your comfortable sweatpants are the first thing, you see you're likely to put those on instead of those flattering jeans that are just as comfortable.

Accessories & Styling

Less is more when you're aiming for timeless elegance and casual sophistication. Concentrate on classic, high-quality pieces that stand the test of time and always look great. A string of pearls, an elegant bracelet, or designer sunglasses will elevate your style.

Keep your makeup and hairstyle simple. It isn't effortless anymore if you're fussing with fake eyelashes and hair clips. Red lipstick and a French twist will always look spectacular, and it's a look that flatters everyone.

And Now, The Best Kept Secret.

Something magical happens when you have organized your closet with good quality, timeless basics and have mastered the knack of everyday chic. Suddenly you feel yourself standing taller, smiling broadly, and walking everywhere with confidence because you know you look your best.

Confidence makes everything effortless. It's what will have you exiting restaurants at 10 p.m. looking sophisticated while others wonder what your secret is.

To begin your journey to effortless chic, click here

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