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The Secret Way to Stay Stylish in Cold Winter Months

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Women all over the world make valiant efforts to be stylish every day of the year. But when you live in what others refer to as the frozen tundra of The Great White North, otherwise known as our beautiful Canada, it can be challenging in the winter months.

Winds whipping across our backs cause us to seek out the heaviest long coats we own, preferably filled with loads of down. Our necks get chilly if we aren’t wrapped in knitwear up to our chins. And don’t forget the fuzzy leggings that ward off chills as we make our way to the office.

But don’t despair, ladies. It’s not only possible but simple to keep your personal style through the long dark winter season. Here are the best-kept secrets to doing just that:

· Stay true to your personal style. Begin with classic basics of good quality. How you combine them and accessorize them is what portrays your style no matter what the weather. These anchor pieces that make you feel amazing are what will carry you happily through the season.

· Add thermal for warmth. You can wear that favorite flowy dress all year round by adding thermal tights or leggings and pretty boots. Add a thermal camisole under your blouses and sweaters for extra comfort.

· Learn the art of layering. The secret to successful layering is, to begin with warm undergarments that match your body heat. Then add layers in the same color story on top. Lastly, add a stylish jacket that can be peeled away on warmer days.

· Choose quality, always. No matter their personal style, the most successful style icons always begin with high-quality basics in classic shapes. These should be well-constructed of the best materials to stand the test of time and climate. Choose a base color of black, navy, burgundy, or grey as your neutral, then add your favorite color blouse, scarf, or jacket.

· Accessories tell your story. No matter how bundled up you are it’s always possible to wink at the world via your favorite accessories. For the coldest days choose a vibrant scarf that reflects color onto your cheeks. If you’re wearing a turtleneck, pull your hair up high and add sparkly earrings that dangle prettily against your neck.

· Jackets and boots make the look. A great jacket in quality material can express your personal style in the lowest temperatures. Add pretty brooches or a patterned scarf for extra impact. Boots can change a look completely. Wear your flowy dress with pretty suede booties. Top those thermal leggings or jeans with long, sleek boots for extra warmth.

In conclusion, the secrets to a stylish winter wardrobe begin with quality basics and warm underpinnings. Adding your style with jewelry, boots, jackets, and scarves will not only keep your body warm but turn up the heat on your fashion presence.

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