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Why This Maxi Dress is Perfect for Everyone

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

For centuries, the maxi dress has been a staple in every well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. The flowing of the fabric coupled with the way it moves as she walks gives the woman wearing it a sense of effortless femininity. It’s also perfect for almost any occasion, from summer weddings to picnics in fields of flowers.

Over the decades, hemlines have risen as a matter of trend, or sometimes like in the 1960s for political reasons. But even then at the height of mini-skirt popularity, maxi dresses were also a staple.

Women in ancient Greece wore maxi dresses draped around olive-toned curves, inspiring sculptors to immortalize the wearers. They have been worn by women in the Old West for practical reasons. Glamorous film stars like Marilyn Monroe wore maxi dresses in shimmering silver to hypnotize en masse. And today we wear them for their classic style and eminent wearability.

What Is Considered a Maxi Dress?

Technically speaking, a maxi dress is a floor-length dress usually crafted from flowing fabric with beautiful drape. This gives it the ability to float as the wearer moves. Designers usually create maxi dresses with a fitted bodice and a loose flowing skirt. The main feature of the maxi dress however is the length.

Some may look at a dress that brushes below the knee or to the middle of the shin and think it’s maxi length. That is not correct. A true maxi dress will cover the ankles and brush the floor.

Famous designers who offer maxi dresses in their collections have begun to experiment with thigh-high splits, ruffles or embroidery around the hemline, and even 3-dimensional flowers.

But for the most part, maxi dresses are considered casual wear. It’s the ease of wear that has made it so popular through the ages and will continue to uphold its appeal.

Maxi Dresses Made in Canada

Canadian designers have also reinvigorated the maxi dress and incorporated them into their collections. One such designer is Tanya Ruddy. Her Toronto-based clothing company Purest Form designs and creates locally-made clothing that is conscientiously sourced.

From jeans to tops, everyday pants, and dresses, Ruddy’s dedication to flattering the female form through ingenious patternmaking is also evident in her soon-to-be evergreen maxi dress. In choosing a classic floral that complements every figure and skin tone, this very wearable modern maxi deserves to be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

A well-designed maxi dress is appropriate for everything from an evening out to a casual backyard BBQ to a museum outing. Purest Form’s lovely maxi fits the bill beautifully thanks to Ruddy’s skill and creative flair. And that’s what makes this maxi dress the perfect maxi for everyone.

Shop the Purest Form Maxi Dress & More

If you’re looking for ethical clothing that’s responsibly produced in Canada, Purest Form is the best place to start. Shop the collection for timeless pieces that flatter every form and can be mixed and matched in dozens of combinations.

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