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5 Useful Tips for a Versatile Slow Fashion Wardrobe

Sustainable fashion or slow fashion is growing in popularity. It’s one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry, and that’s a good thing. Slow fashion shows greater respect for the environment and industry workers, as well as elevating the use of already manufactured materials to preferred status. For this reason, you may have friends or colleagues in the process of assembling a slow fashion wardrobe that will be both versatile and classic. And you may want to begin creating your own slow fashion closet.

Slow Fashion Definition

But what is slow or sustainable fashion? It thoughtfully addresses the production, materials, and impact of the fashion industry and seeks alternatives to damaging fast fashion.

Fast fashion is manufactured from heavily processed fabrics, is produced from low-quality materials in high volumes, and is discarded by the ton, overloading landfills all over the world.

Building a slow fashion wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to give up your eclectic trendy style or limit yourself to a small number of uninspiring looks. What it does mean is prioritizing brands that adhere to a slow fashion ethos: using already manufactured materials whenever possible to create classic, quality pieces that last more than one season.

5 Ways to Stay Fashionable with Slow Fashion

Now that you’ve made the conscious decision to avoid fast fashion that inevitably causes harm to the planet, how do you go about assembling a more thoughtful slow fashion closet? Here are some excellent tips to get you started.

1. Style > Trend.

Instead of being distracted by the latest shimmering fabrics or unusual cuts, focus on classic pieces that reflect your personality. Use add-ons like jewelry or bags to add a touch of trendy. In this way, your money is invested in pieces that transcend the trends.

2. Shop with Intention.

Being patient on shopping trips and begin looking for high-quality items that not only fit into your slow fashion wardrobe but also work with the pieces you already have will help you avoid the pitfalls of clearance sales and Instagram influencers.

3. Play with What You Have.

When was the last time you looked at all the pieces in your closet? You probably have more pieces that work together than you realize, or pieces that work with the right accessory thrown in. Empty your closet piece by piece. Organize categories: pants, jackets, tops, dresses, etc. Experiment with new combinations that reflect your personal style. Once you know what you have, you’ll be able to see what classic pieces you truly need to complete your closet.

4. Need > Want.

This is a tough one. When you buy pieces that are amazing but just don’t work for you, you’re simply wasting money. Classic pieces never are. So the next time you’re about to click “add to cart,” ask yourself if this will still work for you in 5 or 10 years. If it won’t, it might not be a good investment.

5. Prioritize Confidence.

As you are going through your wardrobe, make sure the pieces you have and the pieces you buy fit well, are made of quality, long-lasting materials, enhance your figure, and project your style. When all these elements are in play, that’s when you’re the most confident! Everything you own should magnify your confidence. – Thoughtful, Designer Fashion Made in Canada is one of the leading domestic producers of thoughtful slow fashion that flatters you and enhances your style. We create classic pieces that you can combine in lots of different ways to expand your possibilities and style options.

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