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Two Essential Rules for Choosing the Perfect Accessories

Sometimes even the best-dressed can stand in front of the mirror mystified about which accessories to choose. The purpose of accessories is to enhance your outfit, not overwhelm it. In the end, the focus should be on you and how great you look and not only on your outfit. To accomplish this, everything needs to work symbiotically. You've done your job well if the eye flows uninterrupted from top to bottom with no jarring piece that catches the eye too much.

The Basic Accessories

Choosing the right accessories begins with choosing which accessories. The most popular that you no doubt already have in your closet are these:

· Shoes: Most of us have classic footwear that goes with a multitude of outfits and unique shoes that stand out a bit more.

· Purses & Totes: There are no rules anymore about when to carry what bag. It’s all about your outfit and whether it suits your needs for the occasion.

· Belts: Some belts are meant for function and others for adornment. It’s a good idea to have some classic choices and dressy choices in both categories.

Accessories with Purpose

Choosing the right accessories very much depends on what kind of look you’re going for. Here are 4 ways to strategically use accessories you already own:

1. Pop of color. If your outfit is a basic color like black, grey, or white, it’s the perfect time to select the most colorful accessories in your collection. One large and one small coordinating accessory by color is a good rule of thumb.

2. Transition. Going straight from the office to the party? This is the time to switch your timeless leather basics out with your sparkly trinkets. Switch out pumps for stilettos, a chunky natural stone necklace for a rhinestone one, and your trusty leather tote for a gem-covered handbag.

3. Personal style. The old rules about everything having to match are gone for good. You can pair a bohemian dress with diamond studs or a crisp suit with an ethnic bracelet. It’s about expressing yourself! Just keep everything in proportion and have fun with it.

4. Signature look. Many of us have a favorite accessory that we’re known for wearing. Some love quirky shoes, and others love wispy scarves or long, dangly earrings. Take this penchant and make it your calling card.

Two Essential Rules for Accessorizing the Perfect Outfit

When you accessorize, you’re doing one of two things. Kicking your plain outfit up a notch or enhancing an outfit that already stands out. Here’s how to do both:

Kick it up – Choose one amazing accessory like statement shoes or a rare, vintage handbag and let that be the focus. Keep the other accessories low-key so your main accessory can shine.

Enhance – Some outfits hardly need accessorizing at all. They may be a large colorful pattern or have unique details sewn in. In this instance, your goal is to add that last little detail that won’t compete with your main fashion pieces.

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