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Here’s the Right Way to Be Creative With Fashion

If you’re tired of wearing the same clothing combinations you are probably wondering how to pep up your personal style. Personal style is always about enhancing your own vision. Leaning into your individuality is the place to start.

Open your closet and take out the pieces that make you happy when you wear them. Ask yourself why that is. It could be anything from comfort to color to pretty fabrics, or even that they enhance your figure in a positive way. Take note of the details about the pieces that drew you to them.

Once you’ve done this you’ll begin to get a sense of your personal style. Are all your pieces feminine? Do you prefer casual leisurewear? Do you love adding vintage accessories? When you stop to consider these things your true fashion self will reveal itself.

To develop this style further and begin experimenting with new looks, here are a few tips:

· Seek Inspiration. Look around on Pinterest and Instagram for influencers whose style you admire. Save the ones that you are most drawn to. See how they mix their pieces and what accessories they use.

· Play. Take your own favorite pieces and accessories and begin putting things together in new combinations. Try a blouse over a dress, for example, or mix patterns in coordinating color schemes. You may just surprise yourself with how unique and fetching these new looks are!

· Feel Good About It. No matter what, you want to love what you’re wearing and feel confident in it. Wear the looks you love, just remember to own them!

More Tips for Creative Fashion

There are endless ways to express your individuality with fashion. If you love bold prints but have only worn them on scarves, try printed pants or a head-to-toe floral dress.

If vintage is your thing, try feminine, fitted jeans with a scalloped waist. Add a pretty thrifted blouse and vintage accessories.

If you love the crisp look of structured clothing, try a blouse with voluminous puff sleeves, pants with structured pleats, or angular details.

Simple, well-made pieces are the most versatile. Although charming by themselves, they can easily be given an entirely new look simply by changing the coordinating pieces they’re worn with or the accessories. Try a tank with flirty shoulder ties, a classic peplum top, or a structured mini-skirt.

Some Final Advice

No matter where you are on your journey to personal style, remember to be fearless. Let go of the judgment you put on yourself and your apprehension of what people might think. Just as you let go of clutter in your home, get rid of the clutter in your mind that hobbles your confidence.

Most of the antiquated fashion rules no longer exist. It’s no longer required to wear only certain pieces this season and discard them the next. This is great news for you as you develop your individual look.

Most importantly, try not to concern yourself with what is trendy and focus on what makes you feel your best.

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