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Our Very Best Tips for Comfortable, Professional Work Attire

In these modern times, office attire is becoming more relaxed, even on days that aren’t “casual Friday.” But that doesn’t mean you can show up in pressed pajamas or tailored sweatpants. What it means is a softening of the starched and pressed suits of decades past and a trend toward casual sophistication.

Fashion is still a tool to present your mood and intentions, as well as your ambitions. The key to using this new trend to your advantage is having a few guidelines for dressing casually but still appropriately for work.

Here are our best tips for dressing with casual sophistication:

1. Look for softly structured pieces. Quality knit materials with a simple silhouette that flatter the body while allowing you to move comfortably are the very best choices. Try our Leyla and Willow pants paired with Audrey or Dahlia tees. Each piece is a classic cut that will not only flatter your body but allow movement.

If a jacket is required where you work, try a sweater blazer instead of a cardigan. Put simply, it is comfort and professionalism in one easy garment that can be combined with any of the classic pieces mentioned above.

2. Choose quality fabrics. An easy-fitting silhouette made from fine woven material will stand up to the rigors of office life. Quality fabrics are the key to comfort without looking like a wrinkled mess at the end of a workday. Our Harlow pants and Lara jumpsuit are perfect examples of pieces that are both comfortable and professional.

3. Accessorize wisely. Choosing classic pieces in gold, silver, or natural stone complements the quality fabrics of your clothing. Adding costume jewelry, depending on the piece, may detract from an otherwise sophisticated look. The key is to keep it simple, no matter what you wear. Try a mother of pearl bracelet, a simple gold necklace, or pearl earrings.

Shoes should also be of good quality. It doesn’t really matter if you wear heels or are partial to ballet flats, as long as they are made from quality material. The same can be said about the tote, briefcase, or handbag you carry.

4. A little touch of color. Whether it’s your red lipstick or a happy yellow scarf casually thrown over your shoulders, a pop of color adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise neutral ensemble. The secret is to have just one note of bright color and not an entire orchestra.

5. Fit is king. All the wardrobe planning in the world can be for naught if the fit isn’t great. If your pants are sagging after two hours at your desk it will ruin all your efforts. Length of pants and sleeves, fit across the back and around the waistline are also important. Once you’ve found the quality pieces you love it’s worth having a professional tailor fit them to your body if needed.

Feeling comfortable and looking professional at work can be achieved with a little planning on your part. The result in your productivity and confidence will be worth it.

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